Again, a great batch of pigeons left to North America

Today a great batch of pigeons left for quarantaine prior to the shipment to the North America again. I can hardly find the words to tell how proud I am to be trusted by so many in overthere. Since the start of Europigeons in 1996 I sell pigeons to the United States, Canada, Mexico and even Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Big names buy pigeons from us on a regular base and more and more I get fantastic testimonials from happy guys after they get the birds in their loft…
There is Jeff Life

He bought some from my private loft years ago and is now the man to beat in his region after crossing the lines of “Lindsey” into his strain. For those who do note know “Lindsey”was one of the best I ever bred… NL.04-1974607 “Lindsey” She won 16th National Perpignan against 5294 pigeons, 19th National Barcelona against 7520 pigeons, 55th National Carcasonne against 3167 pigeons, 137th National Barcelona against 7043 pigeons, 607th Perpignan against 5622 pigeons and was 5th Best European Barcelona pigeons over 3 years in 2009!!!

There is Kevin Lenning
One of those guys who is always looking for the pigeons with nice rare colours… I feel so happy when he sends me pictures from his daughter with one the coloured ones I suggested him in her hands. She is having a bigger smile every time he send a picture
The same for Daniel Sweeney
He buys some to improve his strain of champions but he also thinks about his lovely wife Maria and gives her a pure white one every now and then, just to make her happy…. The whites is what she likes to most.
There so so much more guys I need to mention
I know that nobody will read this articles if there are too much words…. So I save some others for later….  Guys like: Doug Franz, Gary Weir, Joel Sampang, John Nelson, Mario Cruz, Mel Tsarouhtsis, Neven Batanic, Ross Hull, Stephen Hancock, Tony Yang, Vladimir Cruz, Al Hassler, Carl lambert, and much, much more….
A big thanks to Frank McLaughlin
The last I want to say about the still growing popularity of my pigeons in North America is that we could not have done it without the great services of Frank McLaughlin. He delivers by far the best service for importing pigeons to North America and for a fair and reasonable price…. Frank if you read this thanks a million…. It's because of your great services we sell more and more every shipment you organise! Selling pigeons is one thing, getting them save and secure in the loft of the buyer's is something else and you are the best!
Jan de Wijs Jr. - Quality is a choice!
Zwethkade Zuid 29b, 2635 CV Den Hoorn, The Netherlands
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Zwethkade Zuid 29b
2635 CV Den Hoorn
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