Barcelona 2018, one to remember!

We had a busy weekend at Europigeons Loft. Two Marathon races liberated at 2 different days. Friday Dax was liberated at 13:30 with a clear blue sky, winds from the North the 10 pigeons we raced started at their journey from 1004 KM to our loft I Den Hoorn. Saturday at 14:52 the first arrived at a speed of 885 meters per minutes which was good for the 12th prize against 153 pigeons in our club. We expected a bit more from this race. But we also realize you cannot have a party every day! The second pigeon arrived at 15:26 which was good for price 17 in our club.... 2 pigeons won a prize card and when I write this 9 returned at the loft...
Then Saturday at 9:00 Barcelona was liberated so the 12 pigeons we send started at what promised to be one of the hardest Barcelona races ever. High temperatures again winds from the North East and 1189 kilometers to the Europigeons loft in Den Hoorn....
Barcelona, the race of all races, dreaming all year from good results at the most famous pigeon race in the world! The tension was enormous, we did send some of our best birds, had faith, but Barcelona is Barcelona! Sunday at 16:50 the first one arrived and only 10 minutes later the second which was good for 7th and 8th in the region against 213 pigeons.
In total 4 of our pigeons won a price card and when I write this 9 of the 12 pigeons are back at the Europigeons Lofts... The complete list looks like: 7th, 8th, 38th and 40th
The official results can be found here... 

The first 2 pigeons raced both in the first 100 NATIONAL against 3912 pigeons The first one won 90th and the second won 99th!
All together I am very, very happy with this results. Again our strain of pigeons proved to be able to race against the very best under the hardest condition!
Whats left is to wish you all a great week, we keep in touch!
Best regards,
Jan de Wijs - Quality is a choice!
Zwethkade Zuid 29b, 2635 CV Den Hoorn, The Netherlands
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Zwethkade Zuid 29b
2635 CV Den Hoorn
0031610746683 (WhatsApp)
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