Barley, the number 1 food for a pigeon in rest

Many will say I am crazy but today's tip will only be believed by the ones who tried.

Give you pigeons when in rest (wait till they their last flight is grow 100% after moult) at least 90% Barley. We (my dad and me, J de Wijs & Son) are doing it for over 20 years now. As soon as the birds are ready moulting and the last flight is 100 percent fully grown we start feeding our pigeons 100% Barley with as only additional food a handful of small seeds on a extra cold winter day.
We make just one exception, the some older pigeons (10 years plus and even one that will be 22 in March). That older bids do not well on barley only.... Plus the fact that they deserve to be spoiled a bit because of what they have meant to us already.
Why? First it cleans the digestive system of the pigeons due its high concentration of fibers. Say good bye to worms on a 100% natural way! Second your birds will not get fat easy, third.... (and probably the most unbelievable one) your pigeons will start training like crazy.
Don't ask me why, but they simply will.... Our pigeons train hours and hours in Winter. Some times we wonder why we cannot keep them in the sky for so long during the racing season. Probably it's a matter of hormones they just don't feel the need to get back into the loft for whatever reason.
An other big advantage is that it easy to bring your pigeons to a higher energy level when the racing season comes closer, you just start adding 10% other racing mixture every day and your birds will get ready for pairing and / or racing.
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Zwethkade Zuid 29b
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