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Arras, the 3rd training race for the marathon hens

  Jan de Wijs     23/04/2018     Comments (0)

A clear blue sky Saturday, winds from the North East so perfect circumstances for the 3rd training race for the 74 hens from the Marathon team 2018. This hens are all being prepared for races like Barcelona, Pau, Marseille, St. Vincent, Narbonne, Bordeaux, Agen, Cahors and more... One by one races from 850 KM and up...   The pigeons were liberated at 11:45 and the first pigeons arrived at our loft at 14:59:09 which was good for the 15th prize in the club “De Reisduif” in Naaldwijk against 564 pigeons. The first price was for Henk Sterrenberg who clocked at 14:35 which was good for price 59 against 4919 pigeons.   40 of our pigeons arrived in the first 25% so won a price.... which look like: 15th, 22nd, 25th, 25th, 43rd, 44th, 46th, 52nd, 53rd, 55th, 56th,58th, 63rd, 64th, 69th, 74th, 83rd, 87th, 88th, 90th,...

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Great news for the guys in Sri Lanka

  Jan de Wijs     20/04/2018     Comments (0)

Over the last year we did get many inquiries from Sri Lanka. Every time we needed to disappoint the the fanciers there because we did not have a save and payable route to this upcoming country in our wonderful sport.   But today I can announce great news, due the hard work of one of our contact there we are able to bring pigeons in for an acceptable price. We are making arrangements for the first shipment and we have room for a few more pigeons.   So if you are interested in buying some of our pigeons this is the time to go you our website. If you cannot find there what you are looking for, remember not all the pigeons we have on stock are listed at the website. Feel free to contact me with your special wishes....   The shipping price is not 100% sure yet, but we think it will be approx 65,- euro each pigeon...

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Two fantastic pigeons go to Spain again...

  Jan de Wijs     16/04/2018     Comments (0)

More and more fanciers from all over the globe find their way to my website for high quality, payable racing pigeons. At I sell QUALITY pigeons for workingman prices. Not the latest market driven nonsense!   These two fantastic pigeons go to Spain. This coming Friday they will leave to their new owner George Marinescu in Valencia. George is a new client, he found the way to our website and I 100% it will feel like Christmas when he opens the boxes next weekend. This morning I did put the birds in our special sold pigeons loft where they will have a bath, an extra vaccination and some extra feed and supplements prior to their journey by truck to Spain.   We can ship pigeons to Spain (mainland) and Portugal at a weekly base. The pigeons will be delivered to a flowershop close to the buyer and...

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The second training race for the hens was perfect

  Jan de Wijs     16/04/2018     Comments (0)

The 74 hens from the Marathon team left Friday night to Menen, a race of 158 KM to racing loft in Den Hoorn. A total of 371 were brought together by 12 fanciers in our club “De Reisduif” in Naaldwijk. Saturday 11:40 the birds did start their journey home and it was Koos Overkleeft (again, he also won last week) that won this race. The first pigeon at our loft arrived exactly 10 minutes after the one from Koos which resulted in 6th Place to start. 34 of our hens arrived in the first 25% of the pigeons so won a prize and are at the results list. 73 of the hens arrived on the same day and the last one Sunday morning early so all hen are in the loft again waiting for the next race...   After they arrived home I showed the cocks to them, as I told you last week I never disappoint a pigeon not even after a...

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A fantastic pigeons going to a fantastic man in the United Kingdom

  Jan de Wijs     10/04/2018     Comments (0)

I am full time into the pigeon business for over 20 years now but every time I sell a pigeon it still feel special. I still do realize every day that buying an unseen pigeon on-line is a matter of great trust. I sold thousands of pigeons in those 20 years, cheap ones, expensive ones, to all corners of the world. From a starter in India to the royal family in the United Arab emirates and all in between.   In that prospective today is no different as any other... Also today I sold a few pigeons but one is very special. Why? Because the buyer of this pigeons trusted me for the full 100% concerning the quality of this pigeon. I am talking about Martyn Rudd from the United Kingdom. Martyn and I go back a long time, I am not 100% sure but it must be over 10 years ago he bought his first pigeon from me and yesterday he told me that...

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