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I am making final arrangements for a shipment to Qatar

  Jan de Wijs     19/01/2018     Comments (0)

It was Khaled Al Sualiti that was my first client in Qatar, I remember as yesterday but its already 5 years ago since he visited me and asked me to arrange loft visits at some of the most famous fanciers in Holland. I remember we visited Gerard Koopman, Ad Schaerleackens, Herman Beverdam, Marcel Sangers and a few more….   It was a great week and I could not image what his visit would do for me. Not much later I received a call from a representative from the Qatar government. It was Mister Alkuwari who came over with a special request. He need a great batch of 100% white racers to fill the legendary pigeons towers in Katara, Qatar.   Pigeon Towers are a wonderful example of traditional Islamic architecture and ingenuity. They were designed to collect pigeon droppings, which was used as a fertilizer for farming. A...

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Good news for the guys in the United States, Canada and Mexico

  Jan de Wijs     17/01/2018     Comments (0)

Yesterday I have been contacted by my broker for North America, with the great news that there is a shipment Feb. 15. So that's great news for all the guys who already bought birds from me. They will leave our lofts soon and they are enjoying one of thier last bath's in Holland today.   If you are from the United States, Canada or Mexico you have 4 more days to add pigeons to this shipment. If you need my help don't hesitate to contact me. I am here to help you also...   The shipping price is 155US$ to be paid in the US. This price is including all paper work, quarantine (both sides) and shipping. There are little extra cost to get them delivered at your doorstep. If you are not familiar with this cost it's wise to contact me up front you you don't be surprises later on in the process. My shipments...

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Coming soon 10 pure bred Jelle Jellema, Nijverdal pigeons

  Jan de Wijs     15/01/2018     Comments (0)

Jelle Jellema looks back on yet another very successful season. He adds another 2nd national prize from Barcelona to his palmares this year, after having already won a 1st and 3rd International Barcelona in 20014 and a 3rd National Barcelona in 2016.    Jelle has been one of the leading long distance players around the globe for several decades. Trying to improve upon his results of the year before is particularly difficult for him and yet he has done it again this season. Some of his most notable results over the years are without doubt his 1st and 3rd International Barcelona, a gold medal in the Budapest Olympiad with Romee and another top result from Barcelona (2nd National) this very season. Add to that his numerous top results at national and international level in other races over the years, including:  ...

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Stop buying pigeons now!

  Jan de Wijs     12/01/2018     Comments (0)

I say it to my clients all the time, make a plan! Don't buy anything you like or see, but buy specific. Buy birds able to get your closer to your goals! Not the birds that the big sellers and auction sites do want you to believe to be the best!   I see it very often, it sometimes even looks like that some of my clients want to have a birds in every shipment. They think I like that but deep in my hart I am not really happy about it. Why? Well they don't have a plan! I like happy customers for tor now and in the future, buying birds without a plan will get them nowhere.    They buy because of buying and are hoping for a lot of luck creating that one golden pair. My advice... Stop directly with buying pigeons from all kind of sources. Start buying from one loft and add specific birds or strains to get closer to...

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Meet Mimmo my partner for Italy

  Jan de Wijs     11/01/2018     Comments (0)

Mimmo 47 years old and former worker in antique. Now he spends all his time at the loft and with great success. In 2014 he won the final race of the National Italian GP togther with his partner Francesco. He is one of the most respected pigeon guys in Italy with a great network and a drive I do not see very often. All this makes Mimmo a welcome new member in the fast growing Europigeons team.   So, if you are from Italy, looking for quality pigeons at normal prices and you wish to talk to someone in your own language Mimmo is your man. He will be more then happy to answer all your questions about the birds we sell, me and all other question you might have about our wonderful sport. Also for Mimmo our services does not end by selling you a pigeon. He help you to get in in your loft and will advice you with whatever you need....

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