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The pigeons to Pakistan departed as planned today

  Jan de Wijs     18/06/2018     Comments (0)

Proudly we announce that the pigeons we sold the last months in Pakistan departed as planned today. They will arrive in Islamabad Friday and our broker over there will contact all buyers to make arrangements for the further delivery.   We would like to thank all buyers for their great trust. We do realize buying pigeons on-line is all a matter of great trust. We are very thankful to be trusted by so many in Pakistan already.   The next shipment will in approximate 6 weeks... Call / WhatsApp me at 0031610746683 for reservations and prices...   My shipments are open for pigeons from third parties. Yes you read well... I am not like many others in the business. If you have birds in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany or even the United Kingdom I will help you also. Even if you bought elsewhere... I am...

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St. Vincent, the first real marathon race of 2018

  Jan de Wijs     18/06/2018     Comments (0)

Last Saturday 10 of our pigeons where liberated in St. Vincent at 14:15. 1019 kilometers to our racing loft in Den Hoorn. We had 6 pigeons on the Natural system all on young birds of 5 to 6 days. We did also send 1 widowhood cock and 3 widowhood hens... When I write this (Monday morning) 1 cock is still behind the other 9 birds arrived at Europigeons racing loft in good order....   In our club we start with prize 2 against 46 pigeons which is good for the the 134 th National against 2819 pigeons.   The complete list in the club looks like: 2 nd , 3 rd , 9 th , 11 th and 12 th   The club results official results can be found here...   The provisional National results can be found here...   When I see how the pigeons arrived home, I have a great feeling for next week. Next...

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Game on... St. Vincent 2018, 1018 KM to our loft.

  Jan de Wijs     14/06/2018     Comments (0)

After months of preparation 10 of our pigeons left to St. Vincent in France. A race of 1018 KM to our loft in Den Hoorn. When I look at the weather fore casts now, it looks like the birds will have tail wind. The wind will blow from the West the first few hundred kilometer and from there it will be South West, at least that's what the say now.   Temperature in France will be approx 22 Celsius at the hottest moment of the day. All together it looks like it will not be a very hard one.   If all goes as planned the pigeons will be liberated Friday June 15 at approx 13:00. We have 10 pigeons in this race. 6 on the natural system 1 widowhood cock and 3 widowhood hens...   I will keep you all posted about our results! For good and for bad.... Dammed I hate those guys only screaming of the rooftops when they win or...

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Laon, 269 KM the last test for the widowhood cocks

  Jan de Wijs     11/06/2018     Comments (0)

Yesterday the cocks on widowhood raced their last trainings race of the season. 42 were liberated in Laon which is 269 KM to our racing lofts in Den Hoorn. A few cocks we kept home because they will leave tomorrow to St. Vincent the first real marathon race of the season. The 308 pigeons in our club were liberated at 12:10 and the first pigeons arrived at our loft at 16:28 which was good for prize 4. The first in the club was for Henk Sterrenberg again at a speed of 1109 meters per minute.   Our complete list looks like this: 4th, 7th, 8th, 11th, 15th, 22nd, 24th, 27th, 29th, 35th, 48th, 63rd, 66th, and 74th The official results can be found here...   With only one day before the pigeons we prepared leaving for St. Vincent (1018 KM) the tension is going up. This coming weekend we will know if all the time and...

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Pont St. Maxence 324 KM for the hens and 3 cocks...

  Jan de Wijs     04/06/2018     Comments (0)

Last Sunday we raced Pont St. Maxence (325 KM), the original race should have been from Melun (425 KM) but the weather conditions on Saturday were not good enough to liberate them so they postponed till Sunday and came 100 KM closer to home. The pigeons were liberated at 8:30 AM with a variable wind but mostly from the South. In our club “De Reisduif” Henk Sterrenberg won at 1360 meters per minute.   The offical results can be found here....    As you know we always tell you our results, we are not as so many other only screaming of the rooftops if they win, no we show what we do every week. This week? No results.... I can here you thinking.... ???   Not that the pigeons did not arrive, in fact we started at 12:49 and in 10 minutes time 20 of our 48 arrived at the loft... BUT our...

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