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Good news for the guys in Argentina

  Jan de Wijs     14/08/2018     Comments (0)

We are making final arrangements for a shipment to Argentina in the next couple of weeks. We have room for a few more pigeons, so if you are from Argentina and thinking about buying some pigeons this is the time to do so. If you need any help feel free to contact me at or Call / WhatsApp 0031610746683   This shipment is coordinated by one of customers in Argentina together with D.Q.V.S BV in Holland. We already have all the papers so you do not have worry about the importation of the pigeons you bought. If you need any more info, feel free to contact me at any time…   My shipments are open for pigeons from third parties Yes you read well... I am not like many others in the business. If you have birds in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany or even the United Kingdom I will help you also....

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Barcelona 2018, one to remember!

  10/07/2018     Comments (0)

We had a busy weekend at Europigeons Loft. Two Marathon races liberated at 2 different days. Friday Dax was liberated at 13:30 with a clear blue sky, winds from the North the 10 pigeons we raced started at their journey from 1004 KM to our loft I Den Hoorn. Saturday at 14:52 the first arrived at a speed of 885 meters per minutes which was good for the 12th prize against 153 pigeons in our club. We expected a bit more from this race. But we also realize you cannot have a party every day! The second pigeon arrived at 15:26 which was good for price 17 in our club.... 2 pigeons won a prize card and when I write this 9 returned at the loft...   Then Saturday at 9:00 Barcelona was liberated so the 12 pigeons we send started at what promised to be one of the hardest Barcelona races ever. High temperatures again winds from the North...

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The pigeons to the United Kingdom departed as planned

  09/07/2018     Comments (0)

This morning our house courier for the United Kingdom picked up the pigeons sold over there. So that good news for the guys who bought pigeons! They are on the road. Mark Walker will contact all buyer with an E.T.A. For the delivery at your doorstep. I would like to thank all buyers for their great trust and lets hope they breed some winners from them.   Did you know I can ship pigeons England, Ireland and Scotland on a weekly base? For this shipments I use the services of Mark Walter. He is without any doubt the best in the market for fast, secure and payable shipments. The birds are picked up here at Tuesday and are delivered at your doorstep at Thursday, no matter what!   The price is 80,- for 1 to 12 birds to England and 140,- Euro for 1 to 12 birds for Scotland and Ireland. Shipment can be combined. Contact me for...

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Again a great weekend, Bordeaux 6th in the region and 50% prize cards

  02/07/2018     Comments (0)

North East winds, temperatures going up to 28 Celsius in France shortly a race again for the very best pigeons only. We did send 20 in total to this race of 935 KM to our loft in Den Hoorn. 8 old birds and 12 yearling's. The pigeons were liberated Friday morning at 8:00 AM and the first pigeon arrived at 09:26:50 AM on Saturday at the loft which was good for the 6th price against 309 pigeons!   We won 10 prizes so again we made 50%! The complete list in our NIC looks like: 6th, 15th, 21st, 24th, 38th, 48th, 57th, 62nd, 68th and 77th   The complete list of the combine can be found here....   7 of this prize winning birds are yearling's so a great sign for the future! I am really looking forward to race this 7 pigeons next year! Now they will get the much needed rest after a very, very tough...

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Selecting a young bird kit for Safet Duran

  Jan de Wijs     27/06/2018     Comments (0)

These are the kind of things that make my job the best in the world! It must have been about 8 years back that Safet bought pigeons from me for the first time. The days that everybody was speaking about our “Barcelona” and “Lindsey” . “De Barcelona” the absolute base pigeons from our loft with 3 prizes from Barcelona including 13th National and “Lindsey” which won 16th National Perpignan against 5294 pigeons, 19th National Barcelona against 7520 pigeons, 55th National Carcasonne against 3167 pigeons, 137th National Barcelona against 7043 pigeons, 607th Perpignan against 5622 pigeons and was 5th Best European Barcelona pigeons over 3 years in 2009!!!   Safet bought a sister and a brother from “Lindsey” and he had many successes with them. In the years after he bought...

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