Breaking news, Leo Heremans stops again this winter?

I am not a sensitive guy, you will not blow me of my feet easily, but when I read that the big star from Vorselaar, Leo Heremans will quit the sport again this winter I really did get a blackout…. How is this possible? Just 5 years after his total clearance sale in 2013 which brought him 4.346,500 Euro he decided to sell again?
What’s the  reason this time? In 2013 the final words in the auction catalogue where….

“The last two years in pigeon racing were extremely successful for Leo Heremans but probably also the two toughest of his career. His health became poorer and poorer and in 2012 he was exhausted by the end of the season. Another full-speed year in pigeon racing would endanger his health and because Leo Heremans wants to do all he does at 100 percent, he decided to sell all his pigeons. Even for selling his pigeons, Leo looked for the best and considered PIPA to be the most professional organisation to sell his colony. This is an auction with a surplus of quality never seen before and therefore bound to become legendary”

You know…
I feel sad for all the guys that need to stop with pigeons because of their health… Its sad… a disaster for all of them…. If they love their birds 50% as much as I do, I can understand they feel like it's the end of world!
You all should know that
Leo was racing with pigeons again in 2014! Do not understand me wrong…. Everybody's FREE to sell his birds, but be straight and fair about the reason.... If you are a big star and your pigeons are winning big time you would be a fool if you don’t get the best out of  that and I mean financially… We all know how much a Euro is worth these days. If you are able to cash as much as Leo did you would be a foul if you don’t… EASY… and perfectly understandable...
How about all the people who did spend their hard earned money to get some pigeons from Leo because they really thought it was their last chance? How about mister Mr. Gao Fuxin who bought “Bolt” for 310.000 Euro? How about Hans and Evert Jan Eijerkamp who invested more than a working man can earn in 10 years? I can only imagine how they feel now. Even when the investment is paid in full with some profit I would feel like being fooled around….
Or is it just the money?
Did all big investors knew that there was a chance this would happen? Did they just invest to make money? It’s a possibility also…. But I cannot get the strange feeling about all this out of my system…. It’s hard to see my wife asking me what I am thinking about and I need to tell her about the fact that I just don’t understand how people can be fooled again so many times with the same foolish stories.
The last thing I wish to say about this….
If you sell your birds, no matter who you are,  Leo Heremans, Jos Thone, Jan de Wijs or whoever, be fair…. Say you want to cash… The reason behind? I don't even want to know…. That's your choice, your business! If you want to buy a new car FINE, if you to give your kids the best education FINE, if you wish to buy a family grave for you family GREAT, if you wish to move to a bigger house OKAY. But do note come up with all kind of health problems! You might have some…. But if it’s note the real reason for selling all your but do note use this! It’s simply not fair to all the guys with problems with their health so big they need to get rid of them with real pain in the heart and NO money in their account!
Jan de Wijs Jr.

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Comments (3)

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