Fontenay sur Eure 448 KM a nice training race for the 72 we send...

Last Saturday 68 cocks and 4 hens were liberated in Fontenay sur Eure. 448 KM kilometers to our racing loft in Den Hoorn. With South East wins I was expecting a little bit higher speeds but our first did 1216 meters per minutes which is little over 70 KM an hour. Which was good for place 10 in the club against 541 pigeons.... 21 of the 72 pigeons we did send won a price card the complete list is as follows: 10th, 14th, 34th. 36Th, 52nd, 66th, 68th, 71st, 76th, 86th, 96th, 97th, 98th, 101st, 108th, 117th, 118th, 119th, 122nd, 126th and 132th.
The official club results can be found here...
Our Marathon pigeons had absolutely no chance again the specialist's at middle distance. The fastest in our club was from John vd Krogt (also marathon pigeons) at 1272 meters per minute and the fastest in South Holland against 30,985 pigeons was for Lemar pigeons... at 1391 meters per minute.
All together I am happy with one of the last training races for the cocks... We will look at the weather to decide if we send them to Blois or Peronne two weeks from now... 3 of the 4 hens we raced last weekend are now paired up so they will be at young birds of 2 / 3 days when we basket for St. Vincent at June 12. The last hen will have to wait one week more because I intended her to race Pau a week later....

Next week the hens will go for one of the last training races this year and of course I will update you again next Monday!
Have a fantastic week....
Jan de Wijs - Quality is a choice!
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