Mother nature takes care of everything

It must be approx 25 years ago when I read the book “Grote Fond in Nederland” which means so much as long-distance in the Netherlands. The book is written by J.B. Hendriks and it tells the story of the van Jef van Wanroy strain. To be honest I do not remember anything from the book except one line...
“Mother Nature takes care of everything, those who not respect her laws will be punished”
A line of text I think about a lot and in which strongly believe. Why? Because I am 100% sure it's true. If you really want to compete a life time in our sport you will need to stay as close as possible to nature. Of course if my pigeons are sick we treat, of course we do the necessary and mandatory vaccinations.
But for all the rest.... Stay away from it! A pigeon does not need medication every week. A pigeon does not need treatment to prevent it from getting sick. A pigeon in condition does not need medication in the water to disinfect it after a race.
Only use medication when the birds are sick, I am sure that by far the most medication is given to pigeons which are not sick at all. Save this money! Spend I on a day out with the family or buy some pigeons that can really make the difference for you.
My conclusion, if you think you can win races with loads of medication, think again! If you pigeons are sick often look at loft, the quality of the pigeons or to yourself. If you need to medicate your birds time after time, after time you are on the wrong track! A good pigeon does not need all the bull shit.
Best regards,
Jan de Wijs - Quality is a choice!
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Zwethkade Zuid 29b
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