NL.16-1833901 "Grs. Super 39"


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In his pedigree you will find pigeons like:

- “Super 39” (100% Aarden, grandfather 1st Nat. Tarbes against 4102 p.)
- “Barcelona Willy” (10th Golden Barcelona all Netherlands ZLU)
- “Geert” (Grs. 1st Nat. Barcelona x 15th Nat. Barcelona)
- “De Eenpoot” (Base pigeon father to many winners! Grs. “Witbuik”)
- “Son Eenpoot” (206th National Barcelona against 5576 pigeons.)
- “Kleine Zwarte” (100% van der Wegen, line “Oud Doffertje”)
- “Schoon Blauw 16-13” (100% van der Wegen, line “Oud Doffertje”)
A cock from a quality I do not see very often! If you have a loft full with pigeons like this you will get somewhere for sure! Grandson of “Super 39” 100% Aarden, grandfather 1st Nat. Tarbes against 4102 p. Base pigeon at our private loft! What stand for this great cock is his great balance and unique eye sign! Add his fantastic pedigree and you realize he deserves the very best spot in your breeding loft.

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