NL.16-1833924 "Grd. Knetsch Hen"


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In her pedigree you will find pigeons like:
- “De Barcelona” (13th, 848th and 1862th National Barcelona)
- “Lindsey” (16th National Perpignan, 19th Nat. Barcelona)
- “Knetsch Hen” (Mother is half-sister 3rd and 26th Nat. Pau)
- “De Pau Duivin” (Half-sister 3rd and 26th Nat. Pau)
- “De 333” (Great racer 3 marathon prizes, Grs. “De Barcelona”)
- “De Late 05” (SUPER BREEDER, 100% Overwater from the best!)
- “Super 28” (SUPER RACER & BREEDER 46th National Bergerac and more…)
- “41 Kweekster” (100% L & A van der Wegen from the best!)
The best of the best from our private loft. Aarden / Batenburg with everything I would like to see in a hen. Soft as silk, from my best bloodlines ready to breed and ship. If you are looking for something special for the extreme long-distance stop looking this is what you are looking for...
NL.16-1833924 "GRD. KNETSCH HEN"

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