Samuel Mbiza, what you all do not know

He became world famous with the purchase of “Golden Prince” from Gino Clicque auction at Pipa for 360.000,- BUT...

In one day they became world famous… Mark Kitchebrand and Samuel Mbiza, two South African farmers from Gauteng paid a whopping €360 000 (R4,9 million) for “Golden Prince” one of the world’s most famous racing pigeons, reports online racing pigeon auction site PIPA. They made the purchase at the Gino Clicque auction, one of the world’s most popular pigeon auctioning events in Belgium.
What you all do note know about Samuel
Is that Samuel bought his first Europigeons from US and nobody but us. I remember it as if it was yesterday. Samuel contacted me for 3 pairs short / middle distance pigeons able to win and with a special request… They all needed to be red!
I did contact Richard Middendorp from Naaldwijk, he owns a loft full of Red Foxes down from the line of legendary birds like “Vos de Bijter”, “Schoon Voske”, “De scherpe”, “De Witstaart”, “De Vos Kweker”, “De Dikke Vos”, “Merckx van de Flaes” and more famous pigeons from Albert vd Flaes…
I selected 6 of the finest from Richard and the deal was made…. Now 4 years later NL.14-1900097 (see photo) is one of his better birds in the breeding loft and responsible of many descend and one exceptional good racer. Today we received the testimonial below….
Hi Jan,

It’s been a while but I felt the need to thank you for the 6 great birds so send me at the end of 2014. A few of them are still is still in the breeding loft and NL.14-1900097 (see photo) is one of my better birds in the breeding loft and responsible of many descend and one exceptional good racer (for now). You did a great job selecting this pigeons for me and I will not forget you when I ever need something special again. Keep up the good work…

Your friend in South Africa, Samuel Mbiza, (Samuel Loft)

Best regards,
Zwethkade Zuid 29b, 2635 CV Den Hoorn, The Netherlands
0031610746683 | |

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Zwethkade Zuid 29b
2635 CV Den Hoorn
0031610746683 (WhatsApp)
C.O.C.: 2929497
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