Stop buying pigeons now!

I say it to my clients all the time, make a plan! Don't buy anything you like or see, but buy specific. Buy birds able to get your closer to your goals! Not the birds that the big sellers and auction sites do want you to believe to be the best!
I see it very often, it sometimes even looks like that some of my clients want to have a birds in every shipment. They think I like that but deep in my hart I am not really happy about it. Why? Well they don't have a plan! I like happy customers for tor now and in the future, buying birds without a plan will get them nowhere.
They buy because of buying and are hoping for a lot of luck creating that one golden pair. My advice... Stop directly with buying pigeons from all kind of sources. Start buying from one loft and add specific birds or strains to get closer to your goals.
Just think about this! Why should you start all over again with something that other already started years ago? You think this is the way to quick results? Think again! You are on the wrong track!
Buy a few pairs from one successful small loft loft, start breeding... You will see you will breed some useful pigeons (The guy did, that's why you selected him as one of our sources) so why you should not? Buy a few from his basic lines, don't be scared to pay a little more for the guys best pairs. The prices you pay will still be so much lower than at the auction websites. In many occasions even a fraction!
You really believe that the guys they are promoting so hard win every race in Holland? I can wake you up from that dream! They do not, in fact most of the races are won by working man like you. Not by the big professional lofts like they want you to believe.
The conclusion, find a loft you believe in. A small loft with good results, a win every now and then, a ace pigeon here and there top 5 in the club will even do. A passioned fancier, a guy that loves his pigeons more then anything (like you). Buy from there and successes will come for sure! That's a promises from me to you.
If you need help finding a good source feel free to contact me, its what I do best and what I do like to do the most. I am here to help you...
Best regards,
Jan de Wijs - Quality is a choice!
Zwethkade Zuid 29b, 2635 CV Den Hoorn, The Netherlands
0031610746683 | |

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Zwethkade Zuid 29b
2635 CV Den Hoorn
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