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That's where I do it all for. Helping them to accomplish their goals. Below you wil find just a few of many guys from all around the globe I already helped making steps on their way to the top....  Did you perform well with birds bought from us? I would very much appreciate if you let me know! 
Best regards,
Jan de Wijs Jr.

Rizkan Riyas from Sri Lanka

  Jan de Wijs Jr.     11/02/2019     Comments (0)

Good pigeons and advice is all we need…. Hi Jan, today I received the pigeons we bought from you and your partner for Sri Lanka. It’s really amazing Ravi did deliver the pigeons in person from you. Your services go so much further than I thought. I did know you did sell great pigeons for prices we can afford and you are always looking for pigeons from winning lines. I now do realize that it's not always in the big names…. I am so happy with the pigeons you advised me and I am sure that they are a big step forward for me in the sport…   Jan, onces again thanks for your services and I will keep you posted about the results of the young birds…   Yours in sport,   Rizkan Riyas, Sri Lanka  

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Samuel Mbiza from South Africa

  Jan de Wijs     18/10/2018     Comments (0)

Hi Jan,   It’s been a while but I felt the need to thank you for the 6 great birds so send me at the end of 2014. A few of them are still is still in the breeding loft and NL.14-1900097 (see photo) is one of my better birds in the breeding loft and responsible of many descend and one exceptional good racer (for now). You did a great job selecting this pigeons for me and I will not forget you when I ever need something special again. Keep up the good work…    Your friend in South Africa,    Samuel Mbiza, (Samuel Loft)

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Robert Megles from Romania

  Jan de Wijs     17/09/2018     Comments (0)

Hi Jan, at the photo me with one of the pigeons I bought from your private loft. I want you to know I am very, very happy with them. I am sure they are a big step forward for me. I also would like to thank you for all your advise concerning racing and breeding.   I already bred a few ones from them and I must say that their offspring is super also. Soft as silk feathers, perfectly balanced and tight vent bones. All things I like to see in a pigeon. I will race them and let you know their results for sure.   Once again I would like to thank you for all you did for me and we will keep in touch, say Hi to your dad and the rest of the family.   Your friend,   Robert Megles, Romania

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Kasim Saalax, United Kingdom

  Jan de Wijs     14/12/2017     Comments (0)

Hi Jan,   Last week I received the 2 pigeons, I would like to thank you for the great pigeons and your excellent service. I am especially happy with the Jacob Poortvliet cock but also the Heremans cock is of a quality I do not see very often.   Also a special thanks to Walkers Logistics which delivers a great service in bringing the pigeons over to the United Kingdom. Jan one more time thanks for all you did and I will tell all my friends about your website and I will buy more pigeons from you in the near future.   Best regards,   Kasim Saalax United Kingdom

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Jose Bernardo, Portugal

  Jan de Wijs     11/12/2017     Comments (0)

Hello Jan,   Today I received my pigeon. I love it and it exceeded all my expectations. I want to thank you for the bird you send me. I have no doubt a birds from great quality. I already have a large collection Ludo Claesssens birds but this one is what I was missing for sure...   Jose Bernardo Portugal

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