The second training race for the hens was perfect

The 74 hens from the Marathon team left Friday night to Menen, a race of 158 KM to racing loft in Den Hoorn. A total of 371 were brought together by 12 fanciers in our club “De Reisduif” in Naaldwijk. Saturday 11:40 the birds did start their journey home and it was Koos Overkleeft (again, he also won last week) that won this race. The first pigeon at our loft arrived exactly 10 minutes after the one from Koos which resulted in 6th Place to start. 34 of our hens arrived in the first 25% of the pigeons so won a prize and are at the results list. 73 of the hens arrived on the same day and the last one Sunday morning early so all hen are in the loft again waiting for the next race...
After they arrived home I showed the cocks to them, as I told you last week I never disappoint a pigeon not even after a training race! I call it useful kilometers I strongly believe the pigeons train better if the have some kind of motivation to get home. After a few hours of joy for them I did put the cocks in the basket, fed them in the basket and the next morning I gave them a training toss my self from approx 60 KM.
All together I am very happy with this weeks races and training and I believe we are right on track for the marathon season...
Best regards,
Jan de Wijs - Quality is a choice!
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Zwethkade Zuid 29b
2635 CV Den Hoorn
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