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Beaten again last weekend?

Beaten again last weekend?

Jul 4, 2017 9:13 AM

It happened again isn't it? You did spend hours and hours taking care of your pigeons but again the race was a big disappointment. You are sure you did all you needed to do, the pigeons looked great and you was sure that this week you would be in the top, but again your pigeons did let you down...

You even feel a bit sorry, you did not spend as much time as you wished at other things, just because you wanted to be there for your pigeons. Maybe you even canceled that family day out for it. Again you got the feeling you should have gone with the family. All the time you invested in your pigeons feels like wasted...
You are not able to find the answers why. Was it one time? Just an incident? Or are your pigeons letting you down more often? If it was just one time don't worry the best lofts fail sometimes, it makes you stronger and alert again.
If you birds let you down too often it's time to do something! YOU DESERVE BETTER. Let us help you like we helped hundreds of pigeons fanciers all over the globe! Helping people to accomplish their goals and have fun in the sport is what we like the most and what we do best.
Just look around at the website to see if there is anything you like and that can makes your strain stronger. If you need help, don't hesitate to contact us, it what we do and what we are good in. Tell me your wishes and problems and I am sure we will get you there where you want to be...
One important thing! Don't make the mistake like so many to think that quality pigeons are not available for you because of the crazy prices you see on the web... Quality is here to be found for normal prices.... The big stars in Holland and Belgium are winning often but NOT every race! In fact they only win 1st prizes a couple of times a year! All other races are won by hard working people like you! That's where we buy most of our pigeons, top class pigeons from proven bloodlines and 100% trusted sources!  
My advise, stop wasting your time and allow us to help you!
Talk to you soon.... I also have WhatsApp so feel free to give me a buzz at 0031610746683.
If you have time now, you can chat with me just click the button in the left bottom corner. If I am not around (so probably in the loft) fill in the form and I will get back to you real soon... (That's a promise!)
Jan de Wijs

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