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Jan de Wijs Jr.I am into pigeons business for over 20 years, trying to make a living by selling pigeons for normal prices. Trying to make people happy with a few pigeons at all corners of the world. I can say without any doubt that me dad and I belong to some of the best on the extreme long-distance in Holland. Not for a few years but for decades! 
In spite of all that you will not find me at Pipa or any other online magazine. Why? we are to basic... Our feet are on ground, we experience the sport without nonsense! In his most purest form, to enjoy! For the love of it!
In all those years I noticed that all the sources only bring to most positive news, always look at the bright side, never the whole truth! From today I will try to shine my light at all aspects of the sport, Good and bad! Fun and not fun. The truth and nothing but the truth!
All these articles are on personal title and my personal responsibility, reactions, complaints and even compliments can be send to 
Best regards,
Jan de Wijs Jr.

Be aware of overpopulation

  Jan de Wijs Jr.     19/10/2018     Comments (3)

This is maybe one of the most valuable tips you ever get from me! I see it in 70% of the lofts. I visit… There are too much pigeons in the loft! Specially in the young birds loft this is common problem. People think they need to breed extra birds as they lose many before the racing season even started. WRONG, breed less… Give them enough space and you will see you keep them healthier and in better condition.  This will result in less loses and better results…. FOR SURE! Best regards, Jan de Wijs #europigeons #qualityisachoice #racingpigeons #jandewijs #tipsandtricks

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Samuel Mbiza, what you all do not know

  18/10/2018     Comments (0)

He became world famous with the purchase of “Golden Prince” from Gino Clicque auction at Pipa for 360.000,- BUT... In one day they became world famous… Mark Kitchebrand and Samuel Mbiza, two South African farmers from Gauteng paid a whopping €360 000 (R4,9 million) for “Golden Prince” one of the world’s most famous racing pigeons, reports online racing pigeon auction site PIPA. They made the purchase at the Gino Clicque auction, one of the world’s most popular pigeon auctioning events in Belgium.   What you all do note know about Samuel Is that Samuel bought his first Europigeons from US and nobody but us. I remember it as if it was yesterday. Samuel contacted me for 3 pairs short / middle distance pigeons able to win and with a special request… They all...

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RO.15-611713 one of the best in Romania

  Jan de Wijs Jr.     16/10/2018     Comments (0)

Quality is here to be found for normal prices…. I remember if it was yesterday, it was summer 2014 when I received a call from Nicu Mironescu from Romania. He was working in Belgium that time and he was looking for some pigeons to bring back to Romania. He invested 1000,- for 12 pigeons from M. Heijboer. It was a starters kit of 12 birds (6 cocks and 6 hens). I remember them as very soft perfect balanced pigeons and I also remember I convinced Nicu to buy this 12 pigeons instead of 1 or two for the same money.   After a few cups of coffee here at Europigeons Lofts he decided to take my advice and he bought the 12 pigeons… Now 4 years later his RO.15-611713 is one of the best pigeons in Romania. This hen is bred from one of the hens I advised him from this batch!   The ultimate proof that quality is...

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Did you know we have regular shipments to Bangladesh and India?

  Jan de Wijs Jr.     15/10/2018     Comments (2)

With the help of Iftikhar Ahmed Chowdhury we have a safe and secure route Buying pigeons online is one thing, getting them into your loft another. More and more we open new routes. To all corners of the world to make our quality racing pigeons available for everyone… Today I would like to introduce our partner for Bangladesh and India msiter Iftikhar Ahmed Chowdhury.   Ifti is located in Bangladesh or is not only responsible for the sales in Bangladesh but also for India. The reason for this is that the shipment to India go to Bangladesh first where where arrangements will be made to get the birds into India.   There are shipments on a regular base and Ifti and his partners work with full and legal papers and in collaboration with D.Q.S.V. BV for quarantaine and veterinary service and Animals to Fly to...

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Eric Limbourg, a great fancier why does he need this bullshit?

  Jan de Wijs Jr.     12/10/2018     Comments (1)

“Barcelona Tripple 5”, is this name justified? Last week I came across an article at Pipa about B.14-4151083 “Barcelona Trippple 5” from Eric Limbourg. The story alone made my laugh. It throws me back to the times that late Flip van der Ende told us every week that he would have won the first if the pigeon trapped…. “Guys, he was there but kept flying for 7 minutes!” or “Guys, I dropped the rubber ring and could not find it anymore” are just two of the reasons he gave us... Most of the times it was a start of a great afternoon talking about pigeons at the club where we drank too many beers to drive home… So nothing new here…. I believe Eric’s story about he making a mistake registering the pigeon and all the hassle to make sure the pigeons would be...

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