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Jan de Wijs Jr.I am into pigeons business for over 20 years, trying to make a living by selling pigeons for normal prices. Trying to make people happy with a few pigeons at all corners of the world. I can say without any doubt that me dad and I belong to some of the best on the extreme long-distance in Holland. Not for a few years but for decades! 
In spite of all that you will not find me at Pipa or any other online magazine. Why? we are to basic... Our feet are on ground, we experience the sport without nonsense! In his most purest form, to enjoy! For the love of it!
In all those years I noticed that all the sources only bring to most positive news, always look at the bright side, never the whole truth! From today I will try to shine my light at all aspects of the sport, Good and bad! Fun and not fun. The truth and nothing but the truth!
All these articles are on personal title and my personal responsibility, reactions, complaints and even compliments can be send to 
Best regards,
Jan de Wijs Jr.

Young birds sickness or Adeno Coli, part two

  Jan de Wijs Jr.     15/02/2019     Comments (0)

Take time to breed, it's the key to success... I see it often, youngsters that are taken away from the nest to early. I really do not understand why someone would do that. The only reasons I can think of is to avoid getting them on eggs for the second time or the idea that there is not enough time to prepare the old birds as widowers.   If time is the issue for you, pair them up a week earlier! If the problem is your pigeons come at eggs for the second time seperate the old birds after 17 - 18 BUT move the youngsters with the hens. Put them including the nest bowls on the ground and make sure you feed also on the ground or at least make sure the youngsters can see the hens eat.   Do not take away youngsters before they are 25 at least, look at the situation. Are they really independent? If note leave them a...

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Fanciers in the UK, prepare yourself

  11/02/2019     Comments (0)

Some great pigeons are on their way again... This morning our house courier for the United Kingdom picked up the pigeons sold over there. So that good news for the guys who bought pigeons! They are on the road. Mark Walker will contact all buyer with an E.T.A. For the delivery at your doorstep. I would like to thank all buyers for their great trust and lets hope they breed some winners from them.   Did you know I can ship pigeons England, Ireland and Scotland on a weekly base? For this shipments I use the services of Mark Walter. He is without any doubt the best in the market for fast, secure and payable shipments. The birds are picked up here at Tuesday and are delivered at your doorstep at Thursday, no matter what!   The price is 80,- for 1 to 12 birds to England and 140,- Euro for 1 to 12 birds for...

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Testimonial Rizkan Riyas from Sri Lanka

  Jan de Wijs Jr.     08/02/2019     Comments (0)

Good pigeons and advice is all we need…. Hi Jan,   Today I received the pigeons we bought from you and your partner for Sri Lanka. It’s really amazing Ravi did deliver the pigeons in person from you. Your services go so much further than I thought. I did know you did sell great pigeons for prices we can afford and you are always looking for pigeons from winning lines. I now do realize that it's not always in the big names…. I am so happy with the pigeons you advised me and I am sure that they are a big step forward for me in the sport…   Jan, onces again thanks for your services and I will keep you posted about the results of the young birds… Yours in sport, Rizkan Riyas, Sri Lanka

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Young birds sickness or Adeno Coli, part one

  Jan de Wijs Jr.     08/02/2019     Comments (4)

If note really necessary for your young birds season do not darken your youngbirds! The so called ‘young bird disease (Adeno/Coli) has become a problem worldwide. 7 out of 10 questions I receive are about this… The next few weeks I will give a some tips to help you to reduce the chance of getting it…. If not really necessary stop using the darkening system! I understand this tip if useless for many of you but I believe the darkening system is one of the most important causes of the young bird sickness. The lack of the necessary (sun)light does not help the birds to get natural resistance against all kind of diseases including Adeno Coli   So if note really necessary for your young birds season do not darken your youngbirds!   Best regards,   Jan de Wijs #europigeons #nononsense...

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Stop buying pigeons random

  Jan de Wijs Jr.     01/02/2019     Comments (1)

Why should you start all over again with something that other already started years ago? I say it to my clients all the time, make a plan! Don't buy anything you like or see, but buy specific. Buy birds able to get your closer to your goals! Not the birds that the big sellers and auction sites do want you to believe to be the best!   I see it very often, it sometimes even looks like that some of my clients want to have a birds in every shipment. They think I like that but deep in my hart I am not really happy about it. Why? Well they don't have a plan! I like happy customers for tor now and in the future, buying birds without a plan will get them nowhere.   They buy because of buying and are hoping for a lot of luck creating that one golden pair. My advice... Stop directly with buying pigeons from all...

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