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Jan de Wijs Jr.I am into pigeons business for over 20 years, trying to make a living by selling pigeons for normal prices. Trying to make people happy with a few pigeons at all corners of the world. I can say without any doubt that me dad and I belong to some of the best on the extreme long-distance in Holland. Not for a few years but for decades! 
In spite of all that you will not find me at Pipa or any other online magazine. Why? we are to basic... Our feet are on ground, we experience the sport without nonsense! In his most purest form, to enjoy! For the love of it!
In all those years I noticed that all the sources only bring to most positive news, always look at the bright side, never the whole truth! From today I will try to shine my light at all aspects of the sport, Good and bad! Fun and not fun. The truth and nothing but the truth!
All these articles are on personal title and my personal responsibility, reactions, complaints and even compliments can be send to 
Best regards,
Jan de Wijs Jr.

New pre-quarantaine period will start December 17th

  Jan de Wijs Jr.     08/12/2018     Comments (0)

Just a few days left to add pigeons to the shipment The next pre-quarantaine period will start December 17th. So that's great news for all the guys who already bought birds from me. They will leave our lofts soon and they are enjoying there last bath in Holland today.   If you are from the United States, Canada or Mexico you have 4 more days to add pigeons to this shipment. If you need my help don't hesitate to contact me. I am here to help you also...   The shipping price is 155US$ to be paid in the US to Frank. This price is including all paperwork, quarantine (both sides) and shipping. There are little extra cost to get them delivered at your doorstep. If you are not familiar with this cost it's wise to contact Frank up front so you don’t be surprised later on in the process. You can reach him...

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Shipping pigeons to South Africa

  Jan de Wijs Jr.     04/12/2018     Comments (0)

ONLY 5 DAYS LEFT TO ADD PIGEONS TO THIS SHIPMENT The next quarantine period will start December 13. We can add pigeons to this shipment till Sunday December 9th. So you have only 5 days left to get yourself some great new breeders….    If you have pigeons in Holland, Belgium, Germany or even in the UK and you need them shipped contact me today. We have limited spaces but we do have some room for birds. Who ever comes first, comes first…   If you need help with selecting some new breeders do not hesitate to contact me. We have some great ready to breed starters kit available for ALL distances and of course for normal prices....   The price for shipping is 65,- Euro each pigeon to be paid to us (If you buy from us, if not 75,-). In South Africa you pay 1200 Rand each for customs,...

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Good news for fanciers in Argentina

  Jan de Wijs Jr.     04/12/2018     Comments (0)

We are making final arrangements for a shipment to Argentina in the next couple of weeks. We have room for a few more pigeons, so if you are from Argentina and thinking about buying some pigeons this is the time to do so. If you need any help feel free to contact me at or Call / WhatsApp 0031610746683   This shipment is coordinated by my good friend Marcelo Lagrutta in Argentina together with D.Q.V.S BV in Holland. We already have all the papers so you do not have worry about the importation of the pigeons you bought. If you need any more info, feel free to contact me at any time…   If you are from Argentina and you wish to speak to someone in your own language feel free to contact Marcelo at +5492916460113 (WhatsApp also) or  he will be...

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Barley, the number 1 food for a pigeon in rest

  Jan de Wijs Jr.     30/11/2018     Comments (2)

Many will say I am crazy but today's tip will only be believed by the ones who tried. Give you pigeons when in rest (wait till they their last flight is grow 100% after moult) at least 90% Barley. We (my dad and me, J de Wijs & Son) are doing it for over 20 years now. As soon as the birds are ready moulting and the last flight is 100 percent fully grown we start feeding our pigeons 100% Barley with as only additional food a handful of small seeds on a extra cold winter day.   We make just one exception, the some older pigeons (10 years plus and even one that will be 22 in March). That older bids do not well on barley only.... Plus the fact that they deserve to be spoiled a bit because of what they have meant to us already.   Why? First it cleans the digestive system of the pigeons due its high concentration...

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Meet Mimmo Esfregola my partner for Italy

  Jan de Wijs Jr.     26/11/2018     Comments (0)

Happy customers is what keeps me going in this crazy world. It get even better if people offer their help after receiving the bird they bought. After Mimmo & Francesco Sfregola from Barletta received the pigeon they bought from us they offered their help to sell our pigeons in Italy. Their mission? Make our quality pigeons available for all fanciers in Italy. As no other they now realize quality is there to be found for normal prices.   Mimmo 49 years old and former worker in antique. Now he spends all his time at the loft and with great success. In 2014 he won the final race of the National Italian GP together with his partner Francesco. He is one of the most respected pigeon guys in Italy with a great network and a drive I do not see very often. All this makes Mimmo a welcome new member in the fast growing...

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